A Bit About

It may not be the first word for most little ones, but the word, “NO”, has definitely become a prominent one in the last few months. I am speaking from the era of the ‘the 2 year old’….

It is such a definitive word for such a small person, yet I hear it echoing from kids all around me; in nursery, supermarkets and basically everywhere I go. It’s home time…NO! Dinner time…NO! Wash your hands time …NO! Chocolate cake time….NO! As you may have already experienced, the latter is often followed by a pause as our kids realize what they have actually been offered, a moment of silence as they overcome the battle with all their NO-ly instincts, and then you get a sweet smile and a lovely YES YES YES.

I often speak with mums, who are lost within the temper tantrums, food fights and outright refusals to eat. Like us all, they have tried any possible means to get food down into their children. I mean as a parent, isn’t it your responsibility?

Every parenting technique seems to have its own method to control the madness.

  • Distractive techniques with books, toys and TV at the dinner table.
  • Classic approaches such as the ‘here comes the choo choo train’. I believe this has also now evolved to dinosaurs and robots.
  • Firm but fair approach. Eat what you’re given or stay hungry.
  • Buffet approach is bound to work as if you keep offering an array of foods one after another; your child is bound to eat something.

Is it just me or is parenthood a dream when filled with YES’? It all seems so much easier. In all honesty, I seem to have been blessed, where my little one is concerned. She may not be a big eater but she is definitely not a fussy one. Our approach is a little bit of fun mixed with a little bit of education and seems to work okay for us. I try and cook up exciting new meals, I try and explain why we eat what we eat and she seems to enjoy eating and understand food.

  • Me: K, what does yogurt do?
  • K: Strong teeth
  • Me: What do lentils do?
  • K: More muscles (she says pointing at her own mini biceps)
  • Me: What do green veggies do?
  • K: Nice poo poo

I am a mother of two beautiful kids and a born vegetarian. I may not be a professional chef and in all honesty, I am not a fan of the cleanup process, but I cook a lot and I love to cook. I enjoy bringing the fun element to food and creating exciting, nutritious dishes; especially where my kids are involved.