*Review* Dee’s Vegan Burgers, Sausages and Thai Curry

The lovely people at Dee’s Wholefoods kindly sent me a selection of their product range to sample recently.

Dees Vegan Burgers

I was super excited to try these, not only as I love my veggie mock meats but I am a big Dragons Den fan and had watched the clip of Dee, herself, pitching to the Irish Dragons.

These little packs of goodness are basically a free-from foodies’ dream come true. Free from gluten, egg, dairy, soy, wheat, GMO and low in salt, sugar and fat. Now, if you are anything like me, your initial thoughts are not going to be great but all I’d say is to give it a try, as it will surprise you.

I won’t lie however, it is not the same as having a spicy bean burger from a gastro pub (which possibly tastes so mouthwatering due everything naughty it will have in it), but let’s face it, if I was to eat that as much as I like eating veggie burgers, I would have no chance of fitting into my pre-baby skinny jeans.

Dee’s really has done a great job of putting the ‘healthy’ into something so stereotypically unhealthy and makes her range a great option to incorporate into meals for the whole family.


Dees Thai Veg Pot

I sampled the Omega Burger, Leek and Onion Sausages and Thai Veg Pot and here’s what I thought:

The Omega Burger
Dee’s suggests eating this in a pitta with hummus, sprouts and salad leaves. I was all out of hummus and didn’t have pitta in the house, when I planned to sample these so I had it on a piece of fresh bread, toasted with cheese and topped with garlic mushrooms. When I tried it just on its own, it was not as moist as a lot of the burgers you can buy off the shelf, but that is most probably due to the fact that there is no egg. Nevertheless, I could not tell when it was combined in my meal so loved it and I would have it again.

K had each of the above pieces but separately as burgers are still new for her. She had polished her burger and half her portion of garlic mushrooms, so thumbs up for the Organic Omega Burger from my little one also.

Leek and Onion Vegan Sausages
Another great, healthy, vegan alternative to veggie sausages. With these I ate just as suggested, with mashed potato and veggie gravy.

Thai Veg Pot
It is as if you can taste the health and fresh factors from each mouthful of this awesome curry. I had it with some steamed rice and veggies with the hubby and we polished off the whole tub. It is however, got a good kick of spice to it so it is not for the faint hearted and I couldn’t offer it to K to try as my kids don’t eat spicy.


Family Fever


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    yay! A fellow veggie! Ooh I love that the burgers taste like bean burgers – finally a heathy bean burger! Where can I purchase these from?x

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