Free From Fridays – Link Up

This week I am co-hosting #Freefromfridays, a regular linky on featuring free from recipes from across the web alongside Emma, the linky host.

Firstly a massive congratulations to Emma, who has just had baby #2! Hats off to her also as she must be knee deep in nappies and sleepless nights once more and still finding time to inspire us all.

I have been an follower of Free From Fridays since trying to find exciting new meals to cook for my vegetarian, lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive hubby!!

I absolutely LOVED last week’s Baked Ravioli from I Say Nomato. It couldn’t have been more timely for me with my 10month old now deciding to baby lead wean himself and refuse the spoon. I have tried it ricotta, spinach and mushroom like in the awesome recipe but also with some other fillings like butternut squash and pea and mint. Stocking up this weekend on wonton wrappers but what a great way to get those veggies down your little ones. K who just turned three last week is also a fan and has been helping me make them!

Baked Ravioli



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