The TimTam Night Binge

Here’s the vision…you have a child and then you focus on getting back into shape so people can walk past you and your 2 kids and say, ‘I cant believe you’ve had 2 kids…you look incredible!’

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I need to be fitter and workout more to achieve this. However, when it comes to food, I like to promote healthy eating, especially at home, but everyone has their moments and this was mine!

Tim Tam biscuits

04:00              D wakes up for feed….

04:05              Mid-feed explosive poo…!

04:07              Hmm…lava like poo is escaping nappy boundary and seeping through baby grow onto newly washed pyjamas!

04:12              Feed finished, 3 huge burps and poop everywhere.

04.16              In shower with D screaming as no time to wait for hot water.

04:30              De-pooed, cleaned and changed.

Think I have earned this after that stool stress!

04:40              D’s eyes WIDE open – begin to rock him back to sleep!

04:55              Still rocking…and now he is sporting a huge smile, possibly at my out of tune, half asleep version of ABC

Tired now and need a sugar rush. One more won’t hurt and he’ll be asleep soon.

05:05              HUGE burp and milk puke all down pyjama top

05:06              No intention of changing again so try to wipe myself dry whilst holding D upright

Sneak one last one whilst I pass the forbidden cupboard in search of towel

05:10              Collapse on sofa whilst D practices his new-found rolling technique on his jungle gym

TIMTAM #4 #5
I think these are the only thing which will help me get through this…I’m so tired…need to comfort self pity! 

05:40              D JUST YAWNED –almost home free! Mini victory dance in the living room.

Celebratory treat 

05:41              Stretch back and psych self up for ABC again.

05:47              Asleep at last – scream for joy (on the inside of course) and take a deep breath!

05:49              Put D very gently in cot and rush into bed as still have 40 minutes before K is due to wake

06:00              STILL AWAKE! Self-imposed pressure to fall asleep is overwhelming. 40 minutes sleep time is now down to 30 minutes!! Just lost 10 minutes in NOT sleeping!!! Sleep Sleep Sleeeeeeep!

06:10              OMG now only 20 minutes left until K wakes. Why am I not asleep! Try breathing techniques learnt in one-off meditation class.

06:15              Is there really any point in me sleeping now? Maybe I should get up start cooking. Or I could be really good and do the warm up part of my Insanity workout DVD?

06:25              Still in bed, having achieved nothing and can hear K stirring – right on cue!

Just grab a quick energy burst before K gets up

Still have a few minutes so why not one more

06:30              K wakes. Toothbrush, change, breakfast, pack nursery bag and transfer D into car seat.

Sneak one ‘last’ one with head in fridge as K has healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. Slight guilty feeling!!

07:25              Car loaded with 2 kids

TIMTAM #10 #11
Take for journey as only 2 left now and need to dispose of evidence before Mr M wakes…

Not feeling too great about myself and slightly guilty about sneaking Tim Tam #9, whilst K eating fruit and porridge.

I think I now definitely need some alternative kid-friendly binge options (to avoid having to secretly hide out in fridge doors) so here my initial brainstorm:

  • Grapes:                     Easy to eat on the go and bite size
  • Banana Bread:        Great for using old bananas and healthy, although they do need to be pre-made
  • Energy snacks:        Apricot & coconut energy balls, Special K packs
Friday Frolics


  1. says

    Oh yes, the timtam binge shame. Trying hard to convince my mouth/hand/stomach that box is not a single serving size. I think they want you to eat a s$%& ton though. Here they sell ‘single serve’ packets. There are four inside! Surely even four is a bit excessive? Oh well *crams into face*

  2. says

    Oh what a night! You totally deserved all those TimTams. I don’t think grapes quite cut it in the middle of the night. Love that you just wiped yourself down. #tootiredtochange

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