The YumBox: Fussy Eater Review

I have been using my spanking new, Pomme Green YumBox for my little one’s packed lunches now for 2 weeks and I LOVE it!Yumbox Classic V2 in Pomme Green Open

Not only is the YumBox practical and well-made, it’s genius design concept combines bento culture with healthy eating.

Here are mine and my toddlers top three reasons for loving my YumBox:

  1. Positive encouragement for parent’s to focus on providing nutrition and healthy foods.

The standard YumBox tray comes sectionalized into five main compartments, each representing a key food group – fruit, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy. Then there is an extra little ‘treat’ section for a something naughty and nice.

The YumBox takes away all the worry about serving sizes or whether you are offering a balanced diet to your little one; it does all this thinking for you.

Nevertheless, it does all mean that parents of YumBox using kids can’t really be lazy with packing lunches as for me; I feel the need to fill every section appropriately.

YumBox claim that you can offer a perfectly balanced diet for kids up to the age of 8. Sounds great to me – six more years of YumBox use!

  1. “Healthy Habits Start Young”

This is one of YumBox’s mottos and so true. Not only is it fun for my little one to open up this box of choices, variety and delights but it is also educational for her to grow up understanding what she should be and is eating on a daily basis.

The extra effort I have been putting into packing lunches, is without a doubt already paying off in K’s learning.

  1. Say Farewell to Fussy Eaters

Whether it is dealing with fussy eaters, terrible twos or general table tantrums, I seem to have found the perfect and simplest solution in my Yum Box.

It gives me, as a parent, the chance to offer controlled options whilst giving my child freedom of choice, decision-making ability and enjoyment. There are 6 exciting foods to my little K can choose to eat whatever, in whichever order she wants. She can choose which colour YumBox she takes to school that morning.

  1. Leak Proof (Yes it actually is)

If there were bonus points, it would be given to YumBox’s leak proof lid. And YES, by leak proof, they actually mean leak proof. I have tried yogurt, curry, hummus and each and every one has stayed within the compartment I had put it in. No leakage or spreading into other sections.

  1. Great choice of colours

There are colours for every day of the week, colours for every season and colours for boys and girls. From bright colours to pastels, there is something for every choice and for every child.


YumBox retails at £24.95 and is available to purchase online from

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  1. Barbara says

    Great review! The Yumbox is fantastic. I have bought several ones for all the family (including myself :;) Its a decent size, very durable and more than anything teaches the kids about portion control and food groups! I got mine here

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